Agitateur orbital


This Orbital Shaker is a high-speed shaker with direct brushless DC motor and microprocessor-controlled technique. It can be applicable in different laboratories: in microbiology, biotechnology, medical analysis, etc.


Model SHK-O0310III
Time range 1min ~ 99h59min
Speed range 50~300rpm
Orbit 10mm
Capacity(PP-1 tray) 8pcs petri dishes
Capacity(PP-2 tray) 6×100ml or 4×250ml conical flask
Capacity(PP-3 tray) 12×100ml or 6×250ml conical flask
Power consumption 50W
Electricity AC100V~240V 50/60Hz
External dimension(mm)(W*D*H) 270×280×110
Net weight(kg) 7.0
Max load capacity 2.5kg
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