Analyseur de sédiments urinaires automatisé


Technology Standard

  • Big high resolution touch screen makes operation extremely easy
  • Whole view field images, similar to HPF images to routine manual microscopy

Simple to Operate

  • Sample preparation fully automated
  • One key start and fully automated measuring process
  • Cuvettes are the only consumables needed
  • No need of additional reagents
  • Each test is processed in one cuvette means no carry over

Smart System

  • Latest AI technology processes sample   identification, counting and classification automatically
  • The computer automatically selects the highest quality image using autofocus


Technology Whole view field microscopic high-definition images Centrifugal accelerated sedimentation
AI (Artificial Intelligence) identification
Detected partial classes ≥ 11 items: RBC; WBC; HYA; PAT; EPI; NEC; BAC; YEA; CRY; CaOxm; CaOxd; MUC
Memory max 25,000 results (including all images)
Min. sample volume 2.0mL
Throughput 50 samples/hour
Batch size single sample tube
Cuvette container 50 pcs
User interface 13.3’ LCD with touch screen
Product Size 457*414*608mm (L x D x H)
Packaging Size 1000*500*800mm (L x D x H)
Net Weight/ Gross Weight 50kg/ 70kg
Power 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 200 VA
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