Analyseur d’électrolyte multi-fonction



The electrolyte analyzer adopts advanced all-solid-state ion-selective electrode sensor measurement technology, and the sample does not need to be centrifuged; It has large screen display, automatic screensaver, friendly interface, convenient and simple operation, is a high degree of automation, complete functions, easy operation, and is accurate and reliable clinical testing equipment.


  • Multi- function detection: Besides for the detection of blood gas, it also has option to test electrolyte items K+, Na+, CI-, and Ca2+, allowing for multi – function detection.
  • Advanced technology: Solid electrode technology, Liquid calibration technology, Wet measurement mode, with good repeatability and high accuracy.
  • Cost-effective: Cartridge type reagent package.
  • Easy operation: 8” colorful graphical touch screen operation


Measurement items pH, TCO2, Na+, K+, Cl, Ca2+
Calculation parameters PCO2 (TC), TCa, nCa
Sample Whole blood 150ul
Test Method Automatic sampling
Testing time 50s
Printer Build-in thermal printer
Display screen 8″ TFT colorful LCD touch screen
Storage ≥5000 test results
Interface RS232
Electricity 100V~240V, 47Hz~63Hz
Item Reference Range Linearity Range
K+ 3.5- 5.5 mmol/L 1.60 – 7.50 mmol/L
Na+ 135- 145 mmol/L 100 – 180 mmol/L
Cl 96 – 108 mmol/L 85- 150 mmol/L
Ca++ 1.1- 1.4 mmol/L 1.50 – 3.00 mmol/L
pH 7.35- 7.45 3.000 – 12.0000
PO2 60 – 100 mmHg 0- 800.0 mmHg
PCO2 35- 45 mmHg 2.0-200.0 mmHg
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