Centrifugeuse basse vitesse, modèle économique


  1. Strong plastic case
  2. Brushless motor, LCD display speed, RCF and timer
  3. Over speed alarm and imbalance protection
  4. Touch panel control, automatic stop once lid open
  5. Error code display, Accel /Decel rates adjustment
  6. Electronic door lock
  7. Equipped with emergency locking device
  8. Suit for qualitative analysis of blood serum and plasma


Max RPM 4000 RPM
Max RCF 2325xg
Timer 0-99min
Rotor capacity 20mlx12(standard)
Voltage 110V 60Hz/220V 50Hz
Dimension 320x340x280mm
Package 410x430x350mm
G.WIN.W. 11/10kg
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