Lecteur de bandelettes urinaires



  • Super LCD monitor
  • Adopt a luminescence source with high brightness to minimize interference of the environmental light.
  • The color and limpidness can be input
  • Date and patient number can be input.
  • Single test and continuous test are available
  • The data can be saved automatically.

Test items:

  • PH, Nitrite, Protein
  • Glucose, occult blood, bilirubin
  • Urobilinogen, ketone
  • Specific gravity, Leukocytes
  • Ascorbic Acid


Wavelength 440-660nm
Throughput 120 test/hr
Storage 1000 patient data
Display 240×64 LCD monitor
Print Built-in thermal printer
Interface Standard RS232 serial interface
Calibration fully automatic calibration
Condition Temperature: 0-40℃, humidity: 5-90%
Power supply 220VAC±10%  50~60Hz  30W
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