Analyseur d’électrolyte


Electrolyte analyzers are indispensable in clinical testing. In clinical practice, it mainly tests and maintains the balance of osmotic pressure in human blood and body fluids; in surgery, burns, diarrhea, acute myocardial infarction and other patients who need a large amount of balanced fluid replacement, the test and detection of ions are very important. EA Series Electrolyte Analyzers are highly precise and accurate, providing accurate, reliable, fast, and easy-to-use results for any sample. Therefore, ion detection is an essential general equipment for hospitals at all levels.


Easy to operate:

  • The instrument only has YES and NO keys, concise menu display, simple and clear operation.
  • The user can switch the instrument on and off at any time 24 hours as needed to save costs.

Accurate measurement:

  • Adopt advanced ion measuring technology to ensure accurate measurement;
  • Imported electrode raw materials, long service life.
  • German CO2 sensor with a service life of up to 10 years;
  • Adopt automatic potential tracking correction technology to ensure measurement stability;

Advanced technology:

  • Automatic detection and filtering of fine air bubbles, waste liquid overflow alarm function
  • Key materials are imported from the United States, and the technology level is internationally leading.
  • With power-off protection function, the results can be automatically stored up to 10,000 sets of data;
  • It can be connected to the LIS system to facilitate hospital management;
  • After sample analysis, it has automatic flushing function to keep the electrode in good standby condition.


Test item K, Na, Cl, iCa, nCa, TCa, pH
Sample Types Serum, Plasma, Whole blood, Cerebrospinal fluid and diluted urine
Sample consumption 150μL
Measuring technology Ion Selective Electrode
Analysis time 40 seconds
Storage Up to 10000 test results
Printer Internal thermal printer
Ambient Conditions 15-40 °C (60-104 F), ≤ 85% humidity
Electricity 220V±20V AC, 50Hz-60Hz, ≤120W
Dimension 380mm*270mm*400mm
Net weight 7Kg

Measuring range, resolution and accuracy:

Items Measuring Range Resolution Measuring Precision (CV%)
K+ 0.5-20.0 mmol/L 0.01 mmol/L ≤1.5%
Na+ 30-200 mmol/L 0.1 mmol/L ≤1.5%
Cl 20-200 mmol/L 0.1 mmol/L ≤1.5%
Ca2+ 0.2-5.0 mmol/L 0.01 mmol/L ≤2.0%
pH 4-9 pH 0.01 pH ≤0.5%
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